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Kondinin, Western Australia


Pathways to Wave Rock 



The Artisan Store, Fremantle WA

(featured on Destination WA, July 2019)


Wave Rock Visitor Centre & Cafe, Wave Rock, Hyden

The Nest Gallery & Studio

20 Brooks Rd, Darlington

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Rotary Jacaranda Festival- 23rd November

Ardross St, Applecross





About  Our Product

 A Spinel by Jo Mc Designs  scarf, wrap or kaftan is unique because it has not been

produced 'en masse'.

It is limited edition wearable art.

It is a statement piece. Every design is named after it's inspiration.

It's soft, silky fabric will offer you warmth and comfort either as a scarf or by encasing you in a wrap.

It will lift your spirits and confidence with it's vibrant design.

It will spark up your complexion and add sophistication to your attire.

Not only a beautiful fashion accessory, it's longer than average length allows for versatility in styling.

It's courageous in colour and individual because it will suit YOU.

It is designed and handcrafted in Western Australia.

Digitally printed by ethical means on quality fabrics: 100% silk chiffon, silk/cotton, silk/viscose and silky feel polyester. 





About Us

Spinel by Jo Mc Designs  was founded in late 2016 by self taught artist Jo McCubbing.

Located in the agricultural Wheatbelt of Western Australia, Jo draws her artistic inspiration from nature and the landscapes.

Jo wanted her brand symbol to represent the colourful, sophisticated, unique and courageous designs and chose the Spinel stone which embodies all of these qualities. This coined the phrase 'adding colour to your life' which is her ongoing mantra.

The designs are hand painted onto paper or canvas in a variety of mediums such as acrylic paints, gel mediums and inks and water colour pencils and paints. Jo uses a range of different tools and techniques to apply the mediums from brushes, stencils, printed objects, rollers, rubber squeegees, palette knives and sponges.

Jo photographs her art and uses software to format the design ready for the digital printing process.

The digital printing on synthetic fabrics is completed in Australia.

The printing onto silk fabrics is completed in Shanghai, China by a reputable and ethical company with over 29 years experience. They are an environmentally conscious company which employs over 120 staff.

Once the fabric is printed, it is machine sewn into scarves /wraps and kaftans in Western Australia.

 As each piece is hand crafted there will be slight variations but every effort is made to ensure quality is not compromised. This is to be seen as value in an artisan piece. It's what makes it unique and individual.

If not satisfied with the quality, a full refund is offered.

Spinel by Jo Mc Designs  is a brand representing sophistication, courage, individuality and vibrancy.

Jo is a proud member of the following organisations:



M: +61 428 104150

E: jomcdesigns@gmail.com



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